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  • Heart of Texas by Fiesta Winery

  • Back Porch Sittin by Fiesta Winery

  • Cabernet Franc by 3 P's in a Vine Winery

  • Beau by Messina Hof

  • Twelve Oaks by Tara Winery

  • Texas Hold'em by Messina Hof

  • Tempranillo by 3 P's in a Vine Winery

  • Texas Red by White Fox Vineyards


  • Lime in the Coconut by Fiesta Winery

  • Skinny Dippin by Fiesta Winery

  • Blanc du Bois by Tara Winery

  • Chardonnay by 3 P's in a Vine Winery

  • Porch Swing by 3 P's in a Vine Winery

  • Pinot Grigio by Valle della Pace

Other Wines

  • Rose by White Fox Winery

  • Texas Blueberry by White Fox Vineyards

  • Peaches by Valle della Pace

  • Angel Riesling by Messina Hof

  • Father and Son Riesling by Messina Hof

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